Frank Marcacci was born in Switzerland and has traveled the world extensively. His love for photography started at a young age. This creative outlet meant escaping a rigid upbringing and letting go of rules. He was the only one in his family who showed interest for the arts. Being a free spirit Frank would lose himself in hours of exploring his surrounding landscape and people.

He loved that he could be alone and enjoyed these quiet moments. Whenever he could he would escape to other places. He especially recalls fondly his trip to Palestine and the Sinai desert, that being a memory he will never forget.

Life in a small narrow minded town meant not being able to really share his passion with others. He continued to photograph in his free time. Once he had a family, his children became his subjects, but never forgetting his passion for landscape photography.

After a long hiatus, photography has awaken his creativity again and the old love has sparked a new flame. He often travels the world with his wife and his camera is always with him ready to capture every moment.



2016 Moscow International Photo Awards, digital show, Na Kashirke Gallery, Moscow.

2015 Lenscratch online exhibition, USA.



2016 Honorable Mention for "Sadness" in the Fine Art Portrait category at Moscow International Photo Awards.

2016 Honorable Mention for the series "Winter Dreams" in the Fine Art Landscape category at the Moscow International Photo Awards.

2015 First Prize winner for "Winter Trees" in the category "Dreams" in the Swiss Italian magazine Ticinosette.



2015 "Winter Dreams" gets published in the Swiss Italian magazine Ticinosette as first prize winner.